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Default i cant believe whats happened here please help if possible

i have a 76gb hdd , i had it partitioned ito 3
C: 15gb with win xp installed (fat32)
D: 28gb (fat32)
E: 33gb (ntfs)

i thought of creating another small partition so i intended to delete the logical drive D using fdisk then create 2 logical drives where D was , so in fdisk i deleted the logical drive D , then created a 15gb logical drive , decided i did not want this partition this big so i went to delete the 15gb logical drive i just created and it did so , then pressed esc , and it looked as though the 15gb logical drive was still there , deleted it again and pressed esc and it was still there , thought this was not right so i booted into windows xp only to discover my Entfs) has disappeared .
Now im left with my C: with my OS installed on it and a drive which i cant access because it asks me to format it , i have not formatted it as i know this will wipe my data forever .

Now under the circumstances i seem to have deleted Entfs) is it at all possible to recover the data from my hard drive or is it gone forever ?
I have installed a 60gb drive as slave so ive got room to transfer files onto another drive if necessary .

please help