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Default Pulling my hair out about DC backups

Hi, im new to these forums and desperately need help, so here goes.

I have a backup of an old dreamcast game called Bluestinger which is stored as .MDF/.MDS, now i also have virtua cop 2 in the same format, so i burned virtua cop 2 this afternoon but instead of just burning it I mouted the .mdf file using deamon tools then i used magic iso to create an image from the virtual drive that deamon tools provided so i ended up with an iso file of virtua cop 2, then i used nero to burn the image, and it worked fine using the utopia boot disk BUT.... when i tried this with blue stinger the dreamcast just doesnt want to know, it gets to the part where the raindeer on the boot disk turns silver then its about to start it it puts me back on the dreamcast main menu yet the disk that i copied works fine using chankast. and ive tried about 4 brands of CD-R and i have 3 CD writers one if very old 2 are new ish tried slowest and medium speeds (the older one is maximum of 4X) and none work ive wasted about 13 cd's trying to get bluestinger to work am i doing something wrong