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Originally Posted by TreyTable
There is no such thing as a freamcast, and you are using a run-on sentence.

[QUOTE=matthewb4ker]that's right, i think so too

Look, help him or don't help him but don;t be a F*king douchebag *** licking rat *** dirty mother@#king hole(oh no a run on sentence). Making fun of Newbies makes forums suck.

I prefer to use discjuggler instead of Alchohol for .cdi because I had the same progblem. You might be able to get by using a different version of Alchohol though. The current version of discjuggler doesn't work for this; you need an older version to do it like version 3 or 4. I have listed the settings for version 4 in older postings but if you have 3 you just burn it straight.

Oh yeah and GDROM or not makes no difference!

[B][I]And Damn this post is old I was tricked by a friggin SPAM ad oh well I stand by it.[/I][/B]

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