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Default Xbox Games Files Gone?!@#$@!#$@

I have a 360GB HDD in my "hard-mod" (Xecuter 3). I'm down to 42GBs of space left. The drive included more than 40 movies avi, DVD, etc, countless homebrews and about 24 backups of my games (for fast load times). I got a hold of a bootleg ISO of Batman Returns from a torrent site, burned it, when to play it, and POOF all of my game files are now missing from any recognizable directory. Everything else seems to be right where I left them. ONLY my back game files are gone. BUT THE FREE SPACE left on the hard drive suggests that the file are still somewhere. Where the hell could they be? I've looked at the current folder sizes for evidence but none of them are large enough to be the missing files. Something else I noticed is that my hard drive is now unlocked. I locked it deliberately two months ago.
Is there an XBOX virus? Was this a hacker attack? Could this be a bug mods have with larger hard drives? I don't know, but please somebody HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!