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Default Game Copy is a Scam

MikeR12 Nice try in promoting your product. Quit scamming people.

When I found out what Game Copy Pro was about I could not beleive they are still scamming people. clarify everything. GAME COPY PRO IS A SCAM!!! No questions ask. Please do not be fool by their false advertisement and so what not. Take it from me...I AM THE FOOL that BOUGHT IT.

The whole purpose for GAME COPY PRO is a marketing pyramid SCAM. What it does is use words like free, no modding require, easy, safe, game copy to get peoples attention and squeeze them into buying something that is not true.

If someone tells you that it does work, they are working with GAME COPY PRO as an affiliate to get a little cash out of you. Here is what you are prompted to do to become an affiliate:

We do the work, and you get the cash!

Our affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to earn money with your Web site. When you refer someone to Game Copy Pro, you get 75% of every sale that originates from your site ó itís that simple. As a bonus all of our affiliates receive FREE tools and resources showing them axactly how to get started! It costs you nothing to become an affiliate and thereís no limit on how much you can earn, so why wait?

How it works is simple:
Sign up securely through our website
Drive traffic to Game Copy Pro through links, banners, ads, promotional offers and product links that we provide you
Track your conversions using our online affiliate center, and earn a commission on every sale your website generates
How much will you earn?

Memberships Sold Per Day Daily Profit Monthly Profit
1 $22.49 $674.70
2 $44.95 $1348.50
5 $112.45 $3375.50
10 $224.90 $6747.00

See the pyramid building...SCAM ALL THE WAY. I copied and paste so its not as appealing but you get the point.

Now onto what is GAME COPY PRO?

GAME COPY PRO is NOT a software.
Yes it is not a software. You will not download anything after the purchased of the product. What it does is let you access a stupid website that compiles a whole bunch of sh*t that you probably already know if you are trying to copy any type of game or DVD ******** The DVD copies they will link you to is DVD Decrypter...something that Oner had already is free.

Most of their "how to" files are copy protected meaning that its taken off their website due to infringement. All other methods of copying is either ripped off from the original writer and posted there, or linked directly to them.

Download free games for your consoles?
Yes download them...but from a torrent p2p only. It is not a working game file until you ripped/burned to a dvd, cd, or dvd dl. Then it is only a copy and will not work on your console because your console is patched to detect copies. What it means by download and play is it gives you a compilation of emulators for your PC. Everything except your next generation consoles emulators.

Their website will auto update to always make it seem like their product is going to raise back up to 69 dollars by saying that the sale for 29.99 is expired at midnight on the day you visit their site. So if you check their website today 01/19/08, it will say promotion sale is expected to expire midnight at 01/19/08. Check it out tomorrow and it will say expected sales to expire is 01/20/08. This gives you a sense of saving if you buy now...another marketing scam skill by GAME COPY PRO.

All in all, if it's too good to be true, then it is exactly that. So please let one brave fool fall into the trap so that the rest can see it's a trap.

Hope this help all who is curious.

Thank you for your info vyang02. Everyone needs to know this.