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Cool I win

tired of those annoying .cdi images? have a .bin file that you have no idea what to do with? well, look no further, for I, Hephasto, have found the perfect solution:

-bootmake 1.2

-bootmake is the GUI for cdi4dc, a much more user friendly version of bin2boot, which makes .cdi files out of .bin files (bin, eew)
-mds4dc is the same as cdi4dc, except it makes images for your Alcohol%120 program
-cdi2nero is a program that turns your .cdi images into .nrg ones so that you can burn disks with nero (very recommended)

i use cdi2nero with every image i have, 'cause nero is easy to use and i don't have to download some crazy diskjuggler thingy (couldn't figure it out, does that make me n00b?) just remember that mds4dc does not have mkisofs with it, but bootmake does, so download bootmake if you need mds4dc.

one last thing; does anyone have a prog that turns .mds files into .nrg (.cdi is fine too)? i would kill for something like that. thx