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Originally Posted by bloodswords
Hey-New here, and semi new to burning games. I have burned a few, and they all have turned out perfect. My shenmue 2 Finnaly finished, but when i burned it, it dident work.

The file i got was a folder called DC- Shenmue II (4 Disks) and Inside that there were folders for each disk, and inside those each are a .rar file which when i unzip them have the .CDI file. I burn in diskjuggler with the settings I use for everyother game,

Mode 2, CD-XA, Add Post Gap to 3rd Party images, RAW write, and Overburn, but it wont work! Help me please as i have wanted to play this game sense i finished the 1st years ago.

Try Mode 2, CD-DA,Add Post Gap and Raw Write
thats how I burn all my CDI files with discjuggler