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Default Need help with GenPlusDc

I'm trying to burn the emulator GenPlus to use on my Dreamcast, but I've wasted about 6 CD-Rs already and I don't want to waste anymore. i figured SOMEone on here must know how to do this right and explain it to me clearly.

I have:

-Selfboot Inducer v. 4
-The GenPlusBlackAura .sbi file
-The 1st_Read .bin file
-The IP .bin file
-Several Genesis roms in .zip and .bin format because I don't know which format would work better.

I also have the Bootdreams program but I don't know if I really need it since you can supposedly do everything with just Selfboot. I don't know. I think I have everything so what do I need to do in these programs, because NOTHING works. Maybe stuff is in the wrong folders? When I put the disc in it slowly loads and when it does, it goes to play the CD as if it were music.

I have an external Sony CD/DVD burner if that matters at all, probably not.

Also, I was able to load the Whispered Secrets .sbi on my Dreamcast and play it when I mistakingly burned that with Selfboot. How come THAT works and not the GenPlus? Gotta be a simple mistake.