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Default Need some advice on spam situation

Hi there, having a lot of problems with spammers/bots on my forum - vbulletin 3.6.4. They're managing to bypass both the CAPTCHA and email verification checks and just post bunch of links that IMO is usless? What's the point anyway? Take a look on them, maybe it can give some clues on what software spammers are using and create some additional protection?


Anyways, i've been adding the IPs and emails (wildcards for Russian emails, etc.) to the ban-list in the vBulletin control panel, but there are becoming so many the banlist on the control panel is starting to become very slow for displaying all the IPs/emails when I visit that section. Because I've banned most of the Russian, Ukraine and Chinese top-level domain names, the spammers are using Gmail accounts which is much harder to police as, obviously, there are lots of legitimate Gmail users. Therefore is there some way of importing the StopForumSpam list into vBulletin, please? Thanks!

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