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Unhappy How do I fix a Music CD-R, that failed to record a track?:

Stand alone Sony CD-Recorder:
1.) I recorded a track on my Music CD-R.
2.) When the song was done I pressed pause.
3.) I pressed stop.
4.) I got an Error 13 from PMA Writing.
5.) If I press anything else on the CD-Recorder I get an Error 14, until I take the CD out of my stand alone Sony CD-Recorder.
6.) Might us will take the CD out of my Stand alone Sony CD-Recorder, and hope for a program or software that can fix the CD.

I wish I could:
A.) Put the CD into a computer CD-Burner and use a program or software to fix the CD.

1. Is there any way I can fix this CD, that failed to record at PMA Writing?
2. Is there any software that can fix the CD, whenever I get an error from recording a track from my stand alone CD Recorder?

I need a program that can find the pointers on that CD, and finish up the PMA Writing, on that CD, to recover that track, so that I can continue to record on that CD, without it being scratched.

The error 13 and error 14 put a scratch on my CD, and I need the PMA Writing to just remove that scratch.

Can anybody please help me?
Google doesn't know.

Is this the right place to ask about a CD, that's been recorded on a stand alone CD Recorder, instead of a computer CD-recorder?