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Hi, guys. Recently, I am glad to to find HD video Converter which can convert TS to WMV HD, convert AVI to TS HD etc. It is called [B]Xilisoft HD Video Converter[/B].

As the website says it is a professional HDTV video converter tool designed to transform your video to various high definition video formats like HD ASF Video, HD AVI Video, HD H.264 Video, HD Quick Time Video, HD MPEG4 Video, etc. It can convert TS to WMV HD, AVI to TS HD, WMV HD to TS HD and so on. Xilisoft HD Video Converter can also convert audio to audio, video to audio and picture, as well as create videos from pictures. The HD Video Converter also supports the H.264 video format, offering much higher efficiency than MPEG2 standard used in DVD videos.

Please free download to try it at ***********

I like the function of creating videos from pictures most!
I can make a xmas video using some pictures~