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Default Very strange dreamcast burning issue

Okay ive burned quite a few games, all with alcohol and at 8x raw and its been awesome. But i decided hmmm i wonder what 16x is like. So i made a disc recorded in that speed and popped it in, after that moment all my 8x discs no longer worked, and a day later even 16x didnt. All my normal games work just fine.

What exactly happened here? I can still get burned cd's to work if they are like 300mb or under (really odd huh?)

should i find new burning software or blank cd media? or even just simply change some burn settings in alcohol to accommondate this new change. It'd be really great if i can get some advise or solutions =)
BTW these are all backups, nothing illegal (wanna keep my sonic games in nice shape) and ive probably wasted 40 discs trying to get it to fix, so this time before i waste more money i'd like to ask the community, thanks in advance

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