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Originally Posted by develitate View Post
The xbox will only utilize 137gb of a 160 gb HDD, so its better to just buy a 120gb (thats what i have and its plenty of space) You need a modchip to upgrade the HDD. If your Xbox has a seagate HDD its 10 gigs, and you can unlock the other two gigs with EvoX (which also requires a mod chip). If its not a seagate then it only has the standard 8gb. Hope this clears up some cunfusion

hi, nooby here

im still learning so my apologies, if i have a mod chip (which most should, if not why have a bigger hdd right?) does that mean i can go to a 200gb HDD (western digital)

also i'm having problem upgrading (i.e swapping)

i'm following this tute: ***********

my xbox is already modded, i bought off ebay

evo.ini i got off the xbox and the evox XBE is already named default.xbe

tried making a boot cd, its not working

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