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Default How to convert PDF to MS Office on Mac?

PDF Converter for Mac is a powerful PDF tool to help you [b]convert PDF to MS Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint), EPUB, Text and HTML.[/b] You can choose any formats they need to convert to and all the conversion can be done within only one program.

As PDF format has good compatibility, so it is easy for us to view PDF files on different platforms. But things would be different if we want to convert PDF to MS Office formats, with this PDF Converter for Mac, you can easily do this conversion work in Mac OS X, here is a step by step tutorial to show you how to convert PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint on Mac.

[b]1, Import PDF files[/b]

You can add them from the File menu or directly drag PDF files into the panel. By the way, you can remove the file by dragging it out of the panel.


[b]2, Customize output settings and set destination folder[/b]

You can set the files in the panel individually. Choose a file and click setting icon and you can customize the Page Range and Format.



[b]3, Convert PDF to MS Office[/b]

Click "Convert" and all the files will be converted in seconds. And after conversion, there will a notification to show you the conversion result.


[B]More Info:[/B]