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Edit mkv files with Final Cut Pro, the first thing you should do is to import mkv video into FCP, when you do importing, you will find the MKV files must be gray for the FCP doesn't support mkv format videos, so you can't import mkv into FCP. If you want to import MKV video into FCP for editing, you need to convert mkv to FCP video, and then edit it directly.

MKV to FCP Converter for Mac is one of the best tools for you to convert mkv files to Final Cut Pro support format videos. With the help of the Mac MKV to FCP Converter, you can import mkv into FCP in a few simple steps and then editing your mkv videos with Final Cut Pro. Convert mkv to FCP with the MKV to FCP Converter, you will get what you want.

The Mac MKV to FCP Converter is a powerful tool for Mac users and mkv fans, it can help you to convert mkv to FCP or other popular format videos easily like convert mkv to avi, convert mkv to asf, convert mkv to mp4, convert mkv to mov, etc, easy to use and useful software for you, just free download and try the best MKV to FCP Converter for Mac now!

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