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MTS to Various Video Formats for Different Devices-Convert Canon HF100 MTS to MP4 and MKV Meanwhile
Lossless Convert and Export MTS to Various Video Formats for Watching on Various Devices
Transcode Canon HF100 MTS to Different Video Formats(MP4,MKV) for Various Devices Simultaneously
Convert Canon HF100 MTS to MP4 for Playing on iPhone/iPad-Remux MTS to MKV for WDTV Playback

Are you still being troubled by how to Convert MTS files from Canon HF100 to Different Formats that can Play on your iPhone and iPad and WDTV Live at home? Aunsoft Final Mate –Best Canon Video Formats Converter Tool will help you. Its latest version has a new function- that is setting format of each movie separately and exporting at the same time. If you want to learn how to do it, just follow my guidance.

How to Transcode Canon HF100 MTS to Multiple Video Formats and Watching and Playing on iPhone/iPad or WDTV?

1. Import MTS files from Canon HF100 to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Just connect HF100 to the computer via a USB cable. Follow the wizard and you can import the videos easily.

2. Create New Movies for Conversion and Lossless Output.
Right click the mouse in the Movies Tab and choose "Create A Movie For Conversion", repeat the action and another movie is created. Then create a movie for lossless output. Just right click the mouse again and choose "Create A Movie For Lossless Output". Drag and drop the movie or movies you like to watch on iPhone and iPad from the Camcorder Tab to the blank movies for conversion and those you would like to watch on WDTV Live to the movie for lossless output. Then comes the Key Process before Export: Click the icon on the right side of the new movies and choose output formats separately. You can choose "iPhone MPEG-4 video(*mp4) under iPhone for both iPhone and iPad and choose "MKV format" for playing on WDTV Live. After this, it can Export Canon HF100 MTS to MP4 and MKV.

3. Export Movies with Different Formats.
After the formats are set, just click the "Export" button. Aunsoft Final Mate will Lossless Convert and Export Movies Simultaneously. What you should do next is to wait for the completion of the export.

Finally, you can Enjoy MP4 on iPhone and iPad or Watch MKV on WDTV Live with your Family or Friends.