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Default When a brand new CD-R is showing full

It is incredible how many people are experiencing this problem and in all the world there is not a single geek that can come up with the answer. Why would anyone have to buy special CD Burner software?
Windows XP SP3 and Windows Media freeware should be all that you need. Yet when you click on the drive with the blank CD and then right click and then click on Properties, it says the disc is fully USED. This is the operating system telling you that not burner software.
If you continue on and try to use the burner software, it too tells you to load an empty disc. The disc is FULL. Well it isn't.
Maybe the Memorex CD-R 52X 700MB 80 Min CD's I bought are not compatible with my Dell PC. I don't know. This is just the stupidest, frustrating pile of complication imaginable for such a simple task. I think I will try Memorex themselves next. Do they still exist?