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How to remove PDF password on Mac?

Have you ever met the situations below? You download a PDF file online and wanted to print it, but the Print button was disabled. Or you wanted to copy some contents from some archive PDF files, but they were locked for copying and you forgot the password. If you say yes, then how did you deal with such situations? Actually the most efficient way is to find a powerful PDF Password Remover to remove PDF password for you. If you are a Mac user, Wondershare PDF Password Remover for Mac is exactly what you need. And this article tells you how to remove PDF password on Mac with it. If you are not using a Mac, click here to learn the solution to remove PDF password on Windows

To begin with, you need to download Wondershare PDF Password Remover for Mac and install it on your Mac. Launch the program and register it. Or choose Evaluate to have a free trial of the program. Then follow the 3 simple steps below to remove password from PDF files on Mac:

[B]Step 1 Import[/B]

Drag PDF files on your Mac and drop them into the panel. Or choose File-> Add PDF Files in the menu bar to add PDF files.

PDF Password Remover for Mac

Note: PDF Password Remover for Mac can decrypt PDF files with Owner Password directly without knowing the password. But if the PDF file is encrypted with User/Open Password, you need to unlock it before decryption. Otherwise descryption of the file will be skipped.

Actually even Acrobat also requires the password if you want to remove password from encrypted PDF files. And most PDF decryption tools on the market canít remove Open Password from PDF files even if you know the password. Itís reasonable because the Open Password is set by authors to protect copyrights of their works. You canít get access to the file without permission.

If you have permission to get access to the file and want to remove the password for easier reading, just click on the lock icon beside the PDF file and type correct password in the pop-up box to unlock the PDF file for decryption.

PDF Password Remover - Enter Open Password

Step 2 Select an output folder

Choose PDF Password Remover-> PreferencesÖ in the menu bar, you can select an output folder for the output files.

PDF Password Remover for Mac - Choose Output Folder

[B]Step 3 Decrypt[/B]

Click Start button to decrypt the encrypted PDF files. The decryption will be finished in seconds. Then you can click on the PDF icon to open the restriction-free PDF files.
PDF Password Remover for Mac - Decryption