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Post Buy original Apple iphone 4S 6GB & Apple iPad 2 64GB (Wi-Fi + 3G)

we are a authorize wholesaling company not retailer / reseller so our price can not be the same as the retail price.Most retailers do get there order from us and resell, But we get all our products directly from there various respective manufacturer in bulk, and that is why we offer them for those prices.

We offer wholesales for Brand New Latest Apple Products such as iPhone 4, iphone 4S & iPad2. All products are from Apple company, 100% original and official unlocked, with the original sealed new box and all the accessories, come with Apple manufacturers 12 month guarantee.

Here is the best price for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 & iPad2 all in 16g, 32 & 64GB available in (Black/white are available)

Contact Name : Tarquin Piers
Send Enquiry to :

NOTE : Price is Negotiable

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB
US$ 359/per unit --- sample
US$ 329/per unit --- 2units
US$ 300/per unit --- 5units
US$ 279/per unit --- 10units
US$ 240/per unit --- 15units
US$ 205/per unit --- 30units

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB
US$ 389/per unit --- sample
US$ 359/per unit --- 2units
US$ 320/per unit --- 5units
US$ 300/per unit --- 10units
US$ 270/per unit --- 15units
US$ 230/per unit --- 30units

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB
US$ 410/per unit --- sample
US$ 385/per unit --- 2units
US$ 355/per unit --- 5units
US$ 330/per unit --- 10units
US$ 310/per unit --- 15units
US$ 260/per unit --- 30units

Apple iPhone 4 16gb,
US$ 250/per unit --- sample
US$ 220/per unit --- 2units
US$ 190/per unit --- 5units
US$ 160/per unit --- 10units
US$ 130/per unit --- 15units
US$ 100/per unit --- 30units

Apple iPhone 4 32gb,
US$ 280/per unit --- sample
US$ 250/per unit --- 2units
US$ 220/per unit --- 5units
US$ 190/per unit --- 10units
US$ 160/per unit --- 15units
US$ 130/per unit --- 30units

Apple Tablet iPad 2 16GB(Wi-Fi + 3G)
US$ 310/per unit --- sample
US$ 280/per unit --- 2units
US$ 250/per unit --- 5units
US$ 200/per unit --- 10units
US$ 150/per unit --- 15units
US$ 110/per unit --- 30units

Apple Tablet iPad 2 32GB(Wi-Fi + 3G)
US$ 325/unit --- sample
US$ 300/unit --- 2units
US$ 275/unit --- 5units
US$ 250/unit --- 10units
US$ 200/unit --- 15units
US$ 150/unit --- 30units

Apple Tablet iPad 2 64GB(Wi-Fi + 3G)
US$ 340/per unit --- sample
US$ 310/per unit --- 2units
US$ 290/per unit --- 5units
US$ 270/per unit --- 10units
US$ 250/per unit --- 15units
US$ 200/per unit --- 30units

Shipping way: DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, FedEx (delivery to any given address worldwide)

Within UK,USA & CANADA 2-3 days

Drop shipping is available, we can drop ship individual orders directly to your clients.

Contact Name : Tarquin Piers
Send Enquiry to :