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Default How much respectively minimum and maximum of Windows 8 screen resolution?

Recent blog about low and high screen resolution of Windows 8 caused a hot debate. Microsoft will provision for the lowest and highest screen resolution, to help developers easily create their own applications, and not to be worried about the compatibility issue caused by the screen resolution, and make it look more beautiful.

So, the Metro interface application of Windows 8 can give the best user experience in what kind of resolution? According to Microsoft, it is 1024 x 768. Microsoft Windows 8 said in its official blog: "our lowest resolution is 1024 x768 screen, in order to make the developers to create good application development as simple as possible, not waste a lot of time in compatibility". The reason behind this is that, 1024 x 768 resolution can provide abundant layout for work and learning.

How is the maximum resolution? Microsoft says "the highest can run Metro style application on a big screen resolution of 30 inch 2560 x1600, too big will flow a lot of blank portion, the developer should consider how to layout in the big screen resolution, so that their application looks good."

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