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Thumbs up The usage of PDF Password remover for Mac to remove password from protected pdf files

Some people set password for PDF files mainly because of the copyright. There is no doubt that adding a password to PDF files can surely enhance the security. Moreover, our privacy can be protected at meanwhile.

The password encryption of PDF files is always classified into two types: user password and owner password. Your PDF file can be asked for user password when accessed by someone else. With the owner password, you can access to the PDF normally but are restricted with some operations such as printing, editing and copying.

The features of PDF Password Remover for Mac

The primary goal of PDF Password Remover for Mac is to remove owner password of PDF files for Mac users. The main features of the program are:

* Add PDF files by dragging directly.
* The password removing process is fast.
* Anyone can perform the program at ease.
* Support importing 200 PDF files at one time.

More Info:
The usage of PDF Password Remover for Mac

1. After you install and launch the PDF Password Remover for Mac, drag the PDF files that you want to remove restrictions to the program.
2. Choose the "Preferences..." option from the menu bar. Then you can set output folder for unrestricted PDF files.
3. Click the "Start" button, the restrictions of the secured PDF files will be removed instantly. The unrestricted PDF files icons will be displayed in the program and you can hit the icon to view it.

Video Guide: