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Commuters in London getting a dose of fashion.I know, this is supposed to be about Swedish fashion and here I am with a picture of how London Fashion Week shows highlights on the London underground… But seeing this made me think about the ongoing discussion in Sweden about whether it would be a good idea to gather all the Scandinavian fashion weeks in one place to able to compete with the international powerhouses (I don’t know whether this is a discussion in other Scandinavian countries).From talking to fashion journalists from other countries than the Nordic ones, I know that many people fail to see any difference between Scandinavian and Swedish, and fair enough, there are many similarities between the countries. I’ve actually been arguing for having a Scandinavian fashion week in Copenhagen (which feels a bit blasphemous in this forum…). This has been based on the idea that Swedish independent designers need proper buyers and Copenhagen has a better infrastructure for that.But at the same time a Swedish fashion week is important for the image of fashion within Sweden itself. It is in a way a sign that you are taking yourself seriously, that you believe fashion is worth media coverage, but – and this is where that starting picture comes in – I think that one thing that could be bettered is the interaction between the fashion community and the public.Every time I’ve ever been to a seminar on fashion or anything similar, there has been a huge interest from the public. There is something about fashion that engages people, maybe because it is a part of everyone’s life, whether they like it or not. Maybe it’s just that fashion is a topical subject.This aspect would get lost if Stockholm’s fashion week moved to Denmark and merged with CPH Vision, and I must admit that it would definitely be a loss. Next fashion week I’d love to be part of arranging something interesting along these lines.



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