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Default 20% OFF Canon MVI Converter-MVI to ProRes/AIC/AVI/WMV/DVD

Transcode Canon MVI to ProRes/AIC/AVI/WMV/DVD with 20% OFF Canon MVI Converter

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"I have a Canon camera that produces MVI._ files which are not recognized by the ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 2 program that I use for building DVD"s/home movies. I need to be able to convert the MVI to AVI or WMV files so that the movie clips I take can be used seamlessly in the DVD program…."

Movie clips taken with EOS 5D Mark II, IXUS 130, Power Shot SX 200IS and many other Canon cameras are normally saved as MVI_xxxx files. These MVI files are actually Motion-JPEG/H.264 encoded video with .AVI or .MOV as file extension. The SD MVI videos shooting at 640x480 end up as .avi files and HD MVI files at 1280x720 or full HD 1920x1080 .mov files. H.264 .mov is a processing intensive format that does not playback or edit very well, while M-JPEG .avi is not compatible with Quicktime and iMovie 11. The solution to this is to use Pavtube MVI Video Converter to decode the files when converting into a different, and ideally more edit friendly, compression format.

Transcode solutions with the Canon MVI Converter:

To play MVI in Windows Media Player, convert MVI video to WMV format;

To import MVI to Windows Movie Maker/DVD Creator, convert MVI to AVI format;

To add MVI videos to iTunes/QuickTime player, convert MVI to MP4 format;

To use MVI movies in iMovie/Final Cut Express, transcode MVI to Apple Intermediate Codec;

To edit MVI footage in Final Cut Pro, transfer MVI to Apple ProRes codec.

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Guide: Converting Canon MVI videos to AVI/WMV/MP4, etc

1. Run the Pavtube Canon MVI video converter, and drag and drop MVI videos to the software.

2. Press "Format" bar and select output format from pop-up profile list. Beside AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, MKV format, there are also presets for you to convert MVI to iPad, Android tablets, Xbox 360 and various other portable media players.

3. Press "Convert" button to start converting Canon MVI videos to AVI/WMV/MP4, etc.