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Default Get 20% OFF Top Ulimate Video Converter at Pavtube

20% off Professional BD/DVD/HD Video Converter with editing function

As a customer of Pavtube software, I want to share my own experience with you and hope this can give you some conference when you are considering of buying conversion software.

I don't recall where I heard about this software, as it was a long time ago. I may have found it myself through Google, or saw a thread on a forum recommending this software. When I went to purchase, I searched directly for the official website on Google.

I have an Android phone (Galaxy Nexus), and an Android Tablet (Nexus 7 2013). The phone is used for phone, and the tablet was a gift that I use for recreational purposes. Gaming and rarely watching videos, but video drains the battery, so I am usually around a computer anyways.

I tried AnyDVD HD with problematic results forcing me to restart my system to regain control over Blu-ray playback. MakeMKV works great, but it doesn't allow me to extract still frames, or clips… just forced to rip the entire title.

I purchased the Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper accidentally, and was able to upgrade to Pavtube Video Converter Ultimatethrough the marketing e-mail.

Surprising, we found it is on sale with 20% off at Pavtube Christmas Software Promotions!

With the help of Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, I can rip portions of protected Blu-ray discs, rather than having to rip the whole disc and then extract a clip from it. It's a major time saver.

I backup certain discs for personal use. I generally watch on PC only, and I usually like more control (adding fades and stuff) so I'll usually rip to a high-quality format and do my conversions for alternate devices in editing software.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro at home so I can have me control over my video (fade in the audio and video, make cuts in the middle of the video if necessary, fade out audio/video at the end, add/remove music/audio, etc.) The Adobe Premiere MOV would serve my purposes well, but for whatever reason, I generally prefer the mp4 container format, so I end up using HD Video>H.264 HD Video(*.mp4) as my base, and adjust the settings to my link.

Some advice to make the software perfect

1. Frame-by-frame seek buttons

It would be possible to implement frame-by-frame (skin one frame forward and skip one frame backward) buttons to both the main viewer window to the right of the interface. I feel like this would make the Take Snapshot button far more useful. Also, the ability to type in a specific timecode within this same main interface preview would make the Take Snapshot button even more useful.

2. Allow Exporting of Closed-Captioning file

It is really good if the future version of the Video Converter Ultimate software could allow the export of closed captions. The current option seems to bake the captions into the video. It'd be amazing if the software could allow me to export a sidecar file, so that using software like VLC Player; I can manually turn the captions on and off.

(The member of Pavtube support team told me that Pavtube ByteCopy could export sidecar file. By the Way, Pavtube really has a powerful support team!)

3. Allow Exporting of Picture-in Picture

I have a few discs that have picture-in-picture or video commentary tracks, and I hope they might be encoded as additional streams within the files on the disc.

Anyway, it is really worth to buy Pavtube softwares which have the advantage of exchanging your purchase for free, updating the software forever, powerful support team etc. You will not regret if you choose it like me!

Good News!

Just share our Christmas Sales 2013 page with your Facebook, you can get 20% off on any Pavtube products, it will be expired on Feb. 10, 2014. Never miss!!!

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