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Default Canít Import (4K) H.265 videos to Cyberlink PowerDirector? - Solved!

Nowadays 4K cameras are becoming more and more popular, there are many cameras can shoot videos in 4K resolution, and they can record videos in 4K XAVC MXF files, 4K HEVC H.265 files, 4K H.264 MP4 files, etc. how about importing 4K files into Cyberlink PowerDirector for editing? As the latest version of Cyberlink PowerDirector get support for more native formats to make your post-production workflows compatible with even the latest broadcast formats. However, it has not upgrade itself to support for HEVC H.265 codec used by the new cameras, so you will not be able to import H.265 to Final Cut Pro X for editing natively.*

H.265 to Cyberlink PowerDirector Workflow*

Now we have good news for you, you just need to use a program to solve the (4K) H.265 to Cyberlink PowerDirector compatibility issue.*Pavtube Video Converter*can be your ideal choice since it enables you to directly output H.265 to Cyberlink PowerDirector optimized .MP4 format to save your time and energy for doing some extra output profile settings. Now you can download this HEVC H.265 converter and follow the steps to convert (4K) H.265 to Cyberlink PowerDirector, and then you can edit any SD/HD/4K H.265 with Cyberlink PowerDirector natively.*

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Simple Steps to Import video files to Cyberlink PowerDirector quickly?*

1. Open whichever version of the CyberLink PowerDirector software you have installed on your computer. A shortcut icon for CyberLink PowerDirector will be in the "Programs" folder that you can access through your "Start" menu.*

2. Click on the yellow "Import" button toward the top center portion of the main CyberLink PowerDirector software window.*

3. Select "Import Media File(s)." This will open a new "Open" dialog box on-screen.*

4. Point the "Open" dialog box to the place on your hard drive where the video clip(s) you want to import into CyberLink PowerDirector are held. Once you have done that, click on the icon of a video clip one time to select it.*

5. Click "Open." That video file will now be imported into CyberLink PowerDirector.*
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