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There are many ways [b]now[/b] to make all of your [b]non-booting[/b](needs boot disc to laod in the dreamcast) games [b]selfbooting[/b](pop it in and play)

MY favorite==>[URL=********]bin2boot direct download and program provided by [b]XEAL[/b]

bin2boot : creates a selbooting cdi that you use discjuggler 3 to burn

[i]i won't try to re-do the readme.txt that comes with bin2boot, after all who could explain the program better than the programmer?[/i] but i hope to make this as simple as possible in my own words, how i use the bin2boot program.

start off by making a folder where you will keep all of your dc programs([i]with all of the different programs, i feel it's nice to have everything situated where you can find it easily and not have to have your desktop cluttered with open windows[/i])

unzip the bin2boot.exe into that folder. once you ahve the game files unrared and you have your bin and cue file there are two ways you can use bin2boot.

1)drag the bin file onto the bin2boot.exe([i]the program will start and proceed to make the cdi

2)you can open up a dos prompt and type in : (* = 1space)

cd*c:\...........whatever directory your folder is in
(e.g. cd*C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\BIN&CUE)

you will then be in the directory where the bin2boot.exe is located. next type the following command:

bin2boot*(name of the cue file).cue
(kal-mgf.cue= kalisto magforce
cue sheet)

*note*this command line should be used on games that have an unpack with wav files along with the bin and cue file.

=====================errors in bin2boot======================
================================================== =============

while using bin2boot you may encounter the following error:[i][b]"a record for the ip.bin cannot be found"[/b][i]

[i][b]"would you like to make an ip.bin"[/b][i]
"y" or "n"

well the answer if you haven't guess already is "y" for yes.

[i][b]"what is the name of the binary?(usualy 1ST_READ.BIN)[/b][I]


after that a selfbooting cdi will be created for you to burn and enjoy.

**note:** (1st_read.bin may not be the name of the boot file. to find the name of the boot file you will need to either hack the files out of the bin or have already burned the game to a disc using cdrwin or fireburner.)

*************** if you use method 1) your cdi is defaultly placed in the root of your c drive**************************
************************************************** ************************
if you used method 2) the cdi is placed in the directory of the bin2boot.exe************************************** **********************
************************************************** *******************************
[i]this breif faq is not meant to replace the readme file that comes with bin2boot[/i] by XEAL it is merely put into the simplest terms i can think of to help "newbies"

****remamber this is an on going project to replaced our old dc faq******