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[b]Using FTPs by Raz:[/b]

1)Install an FTP client. I would recommend smartftp - [URL=***********]Download from here
2)Open smartftp.
3)In the top section type the adress of the host - usually the IP adress.
4)Usually select anonymous access for public FTPs.
5)Press enter.
6)The FTP can be browsed in a similar way to windows explorer.
7)Once the target file(s) have been selected by CTRL + Left click, right click and select download folder.
8)Wait for the download to finish.

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added by TREFACTOR;

to [b]upload[/b] there is a computer icon under the address bar, click on it and your local(widows explorer)folder will open. you can arrange the two different windows side by side or top to bottom.(i recommend side by side)on the left will be your your folders, on the right the servers folders. get to the folder that contains the files that you want to upload.if you would like toupload the whole folder simply drag the folder from your local browser to the servers folder ***[b]note*** [i]i recomend that you only upload fills(missing game files) or whole games, there is usulay an upload folder and some text requesting or telling you what is needed, take into consideration the speed that you can d/l from the server as your upload speed won't be any better***
if uppin single files then the process is the same.