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Thanks to MiSTERC for letting us include his ripping guide in our dc faq:

____|__.._________________________________________ ____________________|____
| :|
- M i S T E R C -
_____ .__ __________________________________________________
/ \ |__|/ _____/\__ ___/\_ _____/\______ \_ ___ \
/ \ / \| |\_____ \ | | | __)_ | _/ \ \/
/ Y \ |/ \ | | | \ | | \ \____
\____|__ /__/_______ / |____| /_______ / |____|_ /\______ /
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ TuS
_____|____________________________________________ __________________ __|____
| |

`- Proudly Presents:....Dreamcast Ripping Guide v.2.0

Game.....: N/A

Origin...: N/A - Filename.....: misterc_ripping_guide_2
Released.: 02.02.2001 - Format.......: .txt
Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC) - CD(s)........: N/A
CD1 Info.: 1 txt file / ?? MINS - Ripped.......: N/A

- --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>

This guide is in no way intended to be used for piracy, and is in no way
associated with or endorsed by SEGA, use of this guide is for educational
puposes only, I will not be held responsible for any damage caused by using

Ok first things first, things you need before we start

1 DC-><-PC Serial Link cable Either build (Instructions can be found here:
or buy one from one from somewhere like this--> (
( (

2 The infamous Serial/Slave Image from Marcus (

3 DreamRip and Hack from BERO can be found here:

4 TeraTerm Pro, terminal emulator needed to connect to and receive the
ripped GD data. (can be found all over the net just look and you will find)

5 And to be able to burn/selfboot/basically **** about with your images these:
WinZip/WinraR, cdrecord, CDRwin or what ever,Echelon's self boot guide.

6 And to down sample/size Video files etc these:
Sfd2mpg,Adx2wav,Wav2adx, All of which can be aquired from here:

7 mkisofs/cdrecord can be found here(Win32 Binaries)

- --- COM Settings!! -------------------------------------------------->

Firstly I would recomend that you configure your chosen COM port, the settings
go like this: (e.g. COM 1 )

Bits per second: 115200

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: Harware

- --- Let It RIP!! ---------------------------------------------------->

OK so now connect your DC to your PC with your cable, Done it? Good!

Now boot up your Serial/Slave image, leave it until you see the blue borders
once the borders go blue at the SEGA LIECENCE screen remove the serial/slave
and replace with your chosen GDROM, it will spin and you may here a little beep!
this simply means the DC has recognised the disk (like you didnt all know that)
and you are ready for action, now set up TeraTerm leaving the GDROM spinning in
your DC.

TeraTerm Pro, set up as follows:

Select: SETUP, SERIAL PORT and set:

Baud rate: 57600bps

Data rate: 8bit

Parity bit: None

Stop bit: 1bit

Flow Control: Hardware

Select the correct COM port and OK


Transmit new line: CR+LF

Select OK

Press enter in the terminal window and you should see this >.

Now Select : FILE, SEND FILE and select (e.g.) G:\Dreamrip\dreamrip.srec
(you will now see lots of these >>>>>>>>>>>>>> in the terminal window
whilst the file is sent and on your TV/monitor your blue borders will have
now turned PINK this is your indication that the file has sent correctly)

When the file has sent you will see a message "Please set to 115k and hit OK"

Now Select: SETUP, SERIAL PORT and set:

Baud rate: 115200

Select OK

Select: CONTROL, MACRO and select (e.g.) G:\Dreamrip\dcrip.ttl.

The file will now be saved and the XMODEM Recive window will appear.
Dont panic if it apears to hang at 16 packets it will for a few seconds and
then start again it will start slow but will gradualy speed up(ish)

When complete you will have a file(s) called
this is the data (game) file, trackxx.raw.gz is the CDDA (audio) tracks.

OK, Now I am not going to kid you here this process can and probably will
take anything from 2 up to 24 HOURS so be carefull you DC doesnt melt.

- ---Prepare the ISO!! ------------------------------------------------->

WOO HOO so far so good.

Load WinZip/Winrar and unzip the file to your
(e.g.) G:\Dreamrip\whatever directory you will be left with trackxx.iso.

Then open your DOS window and change directory to where ever you have your files
e.g. G:\Dreamrip\dciso

Type ..\extract ..\trackxx.iso. All the files from the GD will be extracted
to your chosen directory. it is likely you have chosen the directory you have
your Dreamrip and Extract exe files. Now set up a new folder called selfboot
and within that a one called data G:\selfboot\data(yes just like it specifies in
the echelon s/b tutorial) move all of the game data to the data dir EXCEPT
1st_read.bin/ip.bin so that you have your game files in "Data" and your boot files
in "Selfboot"

- --- Not So Fast!! ---------------------------------------------------->

So you have your files sitting in their directorys and all is good until you
realise that your files are to big and cant get them to fit on a CD-R.

That is where the tools (Sfd2mpg,Adx2wav,Wav2adx)mentioned in No.6 of the requirements
list come in these can be used to downsample Audio/Video etc etc instructions can
be found in the readme files in each of the tools respectivley....

- --- Not so fast Again!! ---------------------------------------------->

Once you have your downsampled files it is required that you must hack various
files to enable the game to boot correctly, and since the original GDROM has two disk
areas your DC will try to initialize the CD-R from the second sectors 45000+ and will
NOT boot your game so you must point it to the new start sector which can be obtained
after you have burned your audio session for selfboot.

Burn your audio session in the way you would when selfbooting any game using your
prefered prog cdrecord for example is as follows:

cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -multi -audio audio.raw
where x,x,x is your cd-r drive if you are unsure run "cdrecord -scanbus"

Next get the msinfo for your second session
cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -msinfo (this will return the start sector for your second session)
After you have your first session burned and have your msinfo you can hack your
"boot files".

So run in DOS: Hack 1st_read.bin xxxxx
Where xxxxx is the number msinfo gave you e.g. 11700/11702 etc

After all of that you are now set up to follow the Echelon selfboot tutorial

And remember Do believe the hype this method works onehundred% sweet.

"I thank you"

- --- GREETS!! --------------------------------------------------------->