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Well here it is. I searched around and did not find a tutorial like this, so these are my steps I used to do this, hopefully they will help others as well. All comments and improvement suggestions are always welcome.

Programs you'll need:
get from: [URL=********]********

isobuster or CDmage
Sound editor (I used windows sound recorder)

Echelon self boot tutorial from Grimdeath's site: [URL=***********]***********

1. use isobuster or CDmage to extract game data to hard drive (make folder called "Data")

2. Sort files by type and copy out all the files that have a "MUSIC01_.ADX" extension
(hint there are 15 music tracks). Put them
in a folder called "Music"

3. Run the cinepack program and load the adx files one at a time, into it. After its done converting, you'll now have 15 wav files in the music directory. You'll use these songs as guides to size the new songs accordingly in the next steps.

4. Select 15 songs that you want to use in the game (convert mp3 to wav on a side note) before proceeding. You'll have to cut down the size and lengths of the songs so they closely match the size of the originals. I used the windows sound recorder just to trim them down a bit, but i'm sure there are others that might be better. (use a one word naming system for the songs i.e. "Master of puppets" to "Puppets" it makes it easier when working in DOS in the next steps).

5. Next compare the volumes between the originals and the new songs, as they may be a little different. You may want to adjust volumes with the "adxcv" program in DOS to set the volumes, but its not critical. The read me file gives a good description of how to use it, the volume level I selected was 7000000 . Better to be a little high and turn it down if necessary. You'll have to convert back to adx first using the adxencd program, and then set set sound levels.

6. If you tweaked any sound levels you are all set for a moment, if not then run the adxencd program, and convert all songs to adx format. Rename all new songs accordingly i.e. music01_0.adx through music01_15.adx, so that they correspond to the original names. (the program proccesses the songs one at a time, i'm not sure if you can do them all in one string).

7. now in the music directory you'll have all new .adx songs. Delete the wavs unless you want to save them. Cut and paste the new songs into the game data directory, It will ask if you want to replace existing files say yes to all.

Thats it!!! Now use the Echelon self boot tutorial, (I used Grimdeaths Tutorial cause its got pics and real easy to understand), to put the game back to CD.

Hopefully this was easy for people to understand. It worked perfectly for me. It may sound a little difficult but its actually not that bad to do with a little patience.

Thanks to those from the cdrom-guide that helped me out, and xena's site for the programs, and grimdeath's site for the self boot tutorial.