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[b]======= SUBMITTED-BY-SNAKE78 ======[/b]

Here is a tutorial on making a backup of a backup using DJ3 (this is assuming your burner is compatible with DJ):

To copy the Image to your hard drive:

1) Open up DJ3, click on File, New. Choose CD Player to CD Image

2) Make sure the Selfboot DC game is in your cd drive (your burner preferably) and choose the correct drive as the source.

3) For the destination, click on the icon of the paper & the disc & tell it where to save the image at.

4) For the advanced tab, these are the settings I use(I believe they are defaults since I haven't changed them but just in case), nothing needs to be checked in Misc, DAE read speed MAX, Audio Resync set to Native (all the way to the left), CD Image MAX size 80 min(s), Verify CD Image unchecked.

5) Click Start. It will save the image.

To Burn the Image to a CD:

1) Open DJ3, Click File, New. Choose CD Image to CD Recorder.

2) Choose the source file. Make sure your burner is selected as Destination.

3) Advance Tabs should be all set, but again here's what my settings are. Mode - Audio, Offset - 0 bytes, block - 2352, TOC - CD-DA, All the Misc are unchecked except the "Add post-gap to 3rd party images."

4) Make sure a blank CD is in your burner.

5) Set the Correct speed. Click Start and the CD will burn.

6) Common Problem: If you can't click the start button, you skipped step 4.

Good Luck and Happy Gaming.