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Selfboot method easy and simple

after you rip a game you get the .iso.gz,(not if you use the bba you will just get the iso file) unzip that with winrar and you get a iso image, extract that using 'extract' and place all files in c:/selfboot/data except ip.bin and 1stread.bin.

1. Burn audio track... using cdrwin burn a 5 or more sec audio track and leave cd open.

2. In dos in selfboot dir type Cdrecord -dev=0,1,0 -msinfo and get 0,12345, (your own number will be 12345)

3 Type binhack,enter then 1st_read.bin, enter then ip.bin, enter and then your 12345 number, not the zero or coma

4. Drag 1st_read back to/data

5. Type mkisofs -C Garlic -V 0,12345 -l -o data.iso data

6. After completion type ipins, itll ask you for the boot file and type ip.bin, then itll ask you for the iso which is data.iso... close your dos prompt.

7. Open Cdrwin. Choose the second to last icon on the top row. Select record iso9660. (not build) make sure you load the data.iso and keep all the settings but change it to CD-XA and mode 2. Burn and play.

Sorry bout any mistakes,if there are any, feel free to edit. This works for me and others but may not for you. Make sure you get the selfboot toolkit to do this. It should be available at

- Garlic Mayhem