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[b]-= Originaly Posted By: Avalon-Racer =-[/b]

[b]-= How To Insert Roms Into Emulator Disks =-[/b]

Ok, here is what you do:

1. Rip everything off to a folder using ISOBuster or CDmage.

2. Move all of your ROMs in the folder label'd [b]ROMS[/b]

3. Open CDRWIN. click [b]Record Disc[/b]
Click [b]Load Tracks[/b]. Find the .wav file that you ripped off, and burn it. Make sure the option [b]Open New Session[/b] is checked before burning.

4. After the wav has burned, click [b]File Backup and Tools[/b] and choose the [b]Backup files directly (on the fly) to an ISO9660 compatable disc[/b] from the dropdown menu. Open windows explorer, navagate to the folder where you placed the files, and place [b][i]IN ORDER[/i][/b] the following files/folders
  • 1DSNES.SH4

5. Check the options [b]Preserve Full Pathnames[/b], [b]Write Postgap[/b], [b] BURN-Proof[/b](If your burner supports it) and [b]Finalize/Close Session[/b],and uncheck [b]Open New session[/b]

6. Under [b]Disc Type[/b] choose [b]CDROM-XA[/b], under [b]Track Type[/b] choose [b]Mode 2[/b] and under [b]Speed[/b] choose [b]4x[/b].

Then click Burn, and you're all set. Happy burning