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**Konga123's Tutorial to Burning the Gameshark**

How To Burn the Gameshark/Action Replay:
1)Put the Gameshark/Action Replay CD into your burner (the PC will most likely lock itself up for about 7 seconds)
2)Open up the latest version of Clone CD.
3)Select the very first icon (Read To Image File) - It has a picture of a CD and glasses.
4)Select the Burner as the CD-Reader, click Next.
5)Double Click on 'Game CD'.
6)Select the Destination on your PC where you would like to store the CD.
7)Tick the Box for "Create a Cue Sheet".
8)Click OK to Begin the reading process.
9)Once Reading 100%, successfull, Use CDR-Win, or Clone CD, to burn the image.

To Do This (Burn the Image):
Clone CD: (When it asks what to Burn to, you select your burner...)
1)Open Clone CD.
2)Click on the second icon (Write Image to CD) - Has a picture of a CD and a pencil.
3)Locate the image in browse, click Next.
4)Double Click on "Game CD".
5)Leave all Settings, as is.
6)Burn, and boot.

1)Load up CDR-Win.
2)Click "Record to CD" - Very First Icon
3)Click "Load Cue Sheet" - And Find it. (image's cue sheet - in same folder as image)
4)Leave all current settings.
5)Click Start Recording.
6)Burn, and boot.


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