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Default Playstation 2 - Frequently Asked Questions. (faq)

[B]Thanks to Sgt. Dan for originally writing the FAQ

PlayStation 2


General PS2 questions [/B]

Q. Is there a PS2 Boot Disc, like on DreamCast?

A. NO! A AR2/GS2/DVDX/XFM might quailify as a boot disc but they still need a swap trick or modchip aswell.

Q. Is it possible to play PSX games on PS2?

A. Yes, with a few exeptions

Q. Can I play VCDs on my PS2?

A. Yes. If you have the right software.

Q. Is it possible to play PS2 games on PSX?

A. No, don't be stupid

Q. Is it possible to save PS2 game data to a PSX memory card?

A. No.

Q. Is it possible to use a PSX memory card in PS2?

A. For PSX only, yes.

Q. Are PSX multi-taps compatable either way?

A. Yes

Q. Are other accessories compatable either way?

A. Official controllers

Q. How much will original games cost?

A. Usually between 30 and 40 although some may go slightly higher

Q. Will there by a Platnum range of games? (PSX games at 19.99)

A. Not for a while yet, anyway.

Q. What about cables?

A. SCART cable comes with PS2 although it is possible to use your PSX RF unit.

Q. Is it true that some titles are in DVD format?

A. Some games are, yes.

Q. Is it possible to surf the internet with the PS2?

A. Eventually, yes. Modems are being arranged. Nothing has been confirmed about prices etc.

Q. Is it possible to play online games?

A. Eventually, yes although there have been to online games confirmed yet.