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[B]Originally Posted by DGR [/B] [I]On 17/08/2001[/I]

thought that i'd write a lil' bought how to boot dvdrs / silvers WITHOUT a neo2.2!!!

(NB, this has not been tried yet but should work, I will try it as soon as i get a dvdr, SOON!)

As you know, with neo2.2, u boot a AR2v1.7, then swop and put a dvd demo in. the ps2 uses this as the toc. this swop was a normal swop, the neo2.2 was never used.

u go to start - no codes and put the dvdr in. Press x. this was an EA swop, the toc of the dvd demo was used.

Now neokey is unable to do an EA swop (u have to use patches for ea games), but KNIFE METHOD = EA SWOP. thats why some large games don't work with AR2 but do with dvd region x.

So without a neo2.2:

1. Load AR2v1.7
2. Press eject. Put dvd demo in.
3. Pres eject to close
4. Go to start - no codes
5. Do the knife swop, put dvdr in, press X
6. DVDR boots!

NB - You can use the cog, pulley or knife method for swop 2.

NB2 - DVD demo toc must be larger than DVDR toc.

NB3 - IF you don't have AR2v1.7 (and don't want to shell out for it), you can use a backup of it. You use dvd region x or AR2 to boot it, but obviously you need a dongle. This swop can be done using neokey or knife method. (I am testing this now, it seems i'm having problems loading AR2v1.7 backup with AR2v1.0 + knife / neokey )

NB4 - You need AR2v1.7 or 1.9 for this to work. these are only available for PAL. however, i'm not sure if u can boot the AR2v1.7 ON A US MACHINE (ie use a GS to boot it). it may be possible to thus play dvd backups on a US machine! someone test this.

thats about it for now.