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Default Konga123's tutorial to burning the gameshark.

[B]How to burn the Gameshark/Action Replay: [/B]

1) Place the Gameshark/Action Replay disc into your CD-R/W ('burner') drive (the PC will most likely lock itself up for about 7 seconds)
2) Open up the latest version of Clone CD.
3) Select the very first icon (Read To Image File) - Displays a picture of a disc and glasses.
4) Select the drive (the 'Burner') as the CD-Reader & click Next.
5) Double Click on 'Game CD'.
6) Select the Destination on your computer to where your CD image will be stored.
7) Tick the Box for "Create a Cue Sheet".
8) Click OK to begin the reading process.
9) Once Reading is 100%, (and successful) use CDR-Win, or Clone CD, to burn the image. (Or any other application which can burn this type of image file.)

[B]Burning the image:[/B]

1) Open Clone CD.
2) Click on the second icon (Write Image to CD) - Displays an image of a CD and pencil.
3) Locate the image file in browse & press Next.
4) Double Click on "Game CD".
5) Leave all Settings as is.
6) Burn & boot.

[B]CDR-Win [/B]
1) Load up CDR-Win.
2) Select "Record to CD" - Very First Icon
3) Click "Load Cue Sheet" - & locate it. (The cue sheet of the image which you are to burn, generally located in the same folder as the image file.)
4) Leave all current settings.
5) Press Start Recording.
6) Burn & boot.

In order to directly boot a backup of the Gameshark or Action Replay you [B]will need[/B] a direct boot modchip* or other methods*.

This method will work in some cases, but [B]not[/B] all.

Making a backup of the Gameshark/Action Replay is strictly for the purposes of protecting your original & for the use of utilizing quality media (as not all consoles have an easy time at reading the original discs).

[B]Direct boot modchips:[/B]
Do a search;
Keywords: Direct boot, Messiah, DMS3, modchip.

[B]Other methods:[/B]
There are special consoles known as 'Test units' which have the ability to boot backups through the use of a patch applied to the image, rather than a modchip - You'll know if you own one of these consoles as it has the word 'Test' printed on the side of the console.