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Originally Posted by hooligan2006 View Post
hi i have downloaded a xbox game and it comes up with a load of rar files i have unpacked and extracted then burned with nero 7 at 2X but it does not work i have heard that you cant burn xbox games and tht you have ftp with pc and upload if so can someone plzzzz tell me how or give alink to a good guide with screen shot i know how to back up a original game via ftp just not how to burn downloaded games thnx loads
p.s yes, my xbox is modded.
just click on th last rar file and extract the content to your desktop then go to nero express and click on image project copy and open ur image file u extracted than put a dual layer dvd in the drive and burn u will need a dual layer burner first and u may need to get verbatim dvd dl 2.4 x speed and burn at a low speed