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third post of the day.
I've been doing some more cleaning.... this time with isopropyl alcohol, q tips and a tooth brush.
after extensive cleaning, it is now booting again.
I popped in the dvd and started playing the movie for like 10 secs. and it stalled. and the disc would not spin anymore.
even if i reset and reset... it will not spin anymore. I see that each time i eject and insert the disc.... they drive would "try" to spin for a fraction of a second and then nothing.
Another odd thing, the system settings seems to not retain the information.
eg. i change the language to english, but after resetting it goes back to jap.
it seems to be selective also, the time is retained after resetting for example.
However, I cannot set the time properly... like i was changing the year to 2005... after i press on ok button it would jump to 2004 by itself. really odd.. i can only choose certain dates/times......
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