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Originally Posted by felchi80
third post of the day.
I've been doing some more cleaning.... this time with isopropyl alcohol, q tips and a tooth brush.
after extensive cleaning, it is now booting again.
I popped in the dvd and started playing the movie for like 10 secs. and it stalled. and the disc would not spin anymore.
even if i reset and reset... it will not spin anymore. I see that each time i eject and insert the disc.... they drive would "try" to spin for a fraction of a second and then nothing.
Another odd thing, the system settings seems to not retain the information.
eg. i change the language to english, but after resetting it goes back to jap.
it seems to be selective also, the time is retained after resetting for example.
However, I cannot set the time properly... like i was changing the year to 2005... after i press on ok button it would jump to 2004 by itself. really odd.. i can only choose certain dates/times......

hi mate. The fact that after cleaning you managed to boot your dvd suggests that there is still some flux causing you problems as it heats. Flux will conduct when it heats, if you have used an excessive amount you may have some stuck behind your bio's legs. Id suggest giving it a good clean again and blowing out the chip legs with a high pressure air hose. I've had a couple of customers report sucess with this method.

Not sure about the jap to U.s board, but will take a look later and let you know, but i would have thought that should be fine.

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