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Talking sony Sony DVD RW DW-D22A (E:) BYS3 MMC-Driver

just following up on your thread...I have the sony and it's failing to write to anything. It tries and then fails.

this is the output:

Operating System: Windows XP 5.01 (Build 2600: Service Pack 2)
InstantCopy: (10/08/2004 14:56:14)
InstantDisc: (26/08/2004 14:01:04)
CD-R Drivers: (13/08/2004 09:44:46)
ISO/UDF Creator: (26/07/2004 12:54:42)
ASAPI Interface: (10/03/2004 16:27:18)

Write speed: High
Write method: Automatic(0)
Closing method: Automatic
Simulation: No Simulation
[ ] Write to hard disk first
[ ] Verify destination media after write

Destination Device:
Sony DVD RW DW-D22A (E BYS3 MMC-Driver

Disc Contents:
Nr Length Pre Post Sectormode
1 2,316,905 150 0 Mode 1 ISO

Project contents:
File systems: ISO9660 Level 1; Joliet; UDF 1.02

Reading destination disc information ...

any bright ideas, besides buying every disc type under the sun and trying them all (using Verbatim DVD-R and Verbatim DVD-RW (both 4.7GB), which, according to the spec's should work)

thanks for your time