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It appears your CD is protected by Cactus Data Shield. This description sounds very similar to the situation you describe (from [url=*********** d%20200&index=0]
- Getting inside the CDS200 protection

The new Natalie Imbruglia CD, White Lilies Island, disc is a "multisession" mix of twelve ordinary 16 bit CD music tracks, and one data track containing the same music compressed by a proprietory process into a 29.4 megabyte file. When played on a Windows PC, without any attempt at copying, a program on the CD over-rides Windows Media Player, and plays a highly compressed version of the music at 128 kbps - the normal CD standard is 1.4 mbps. This stops some PC copy software working. But it also means people who legitimately choose to listen to the disk through a PC get poor sound.
If this is the case the lastest versions of EAC and Feurio will do a bettter job of defeating this copy protection scheme than CloneCD. And the best drives for reading the CD are the AOpen's CRW2440/RW5120.