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in order 2 change da music in selfbootable games u gotta make them non bootable first check out 4 more info on how 2 make games non bootable bcause it changes da games lba adresses n it doesnt have a ip.bin either so u first gotta make da game nonboot then change da music then make seflbootable


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[i]Originally posted by Rudeshadow [/i]
[B]Its pretty much the same way to do CvS2 right? But everytime i tried to use the files extracted from a self booted game then change the music.. it didnt work.. so i what i did was find someone with the game the needed the boot disk.. and that work. Im wondering how to change the music when the game is already self boot. Sorry if its not in detail.. i can't really explain it.. Ill try to change the music in CvS2(self-boot) and see if that works. [/B]