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what do you mean the files aren't the same?

you should click on "status" to make the yellow balls line up to seperate them from the blue balls. it will make things much easier.

i have it loaded up myself and i see shenmue 2 disc 2 up there completed. e-shen2b.001 to e-shen2b.026

some games haven't been finnished uploading yet, but they will be up soon enough. and new stuff gets added all the time. everytime you go on grabbit, do a full update on the group to see what new has been added.

go to and read the nfo files for the games to see how many files there are.

files that are .P01 are par files. they are there so that if you don't get every file for the game you're downloading (like if you missed a file before it got deleted off the group), you get those and they will replace the file. but if you see all the files that are required for the game, you don't have to download par files.

it's confusing at first, but you'll quickly get the hang of it.