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There are 4 little screws that hold the top plastic cover of the drive on. Once that is removed, you can see the whole disc on the tray.

I doubt there is any validity to this. I mean what are you supposed to do? ...the old PSX swap trick. The PS2 spins discs a lot faster than the PSX...sounds like a lot of ppl getting burnt fingers to me. lol
And you see the white thing on the top of that case? It holds the cd/dvd down onto the platten/spindle hub. If the disc is spinning and you open it, the disc would fly off of there so quick it could put an eye out.

Unless swap magic totally stops the disc this is hella-dumb, but I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade...if it works, great, but i'll just stick to soldering which is easy for me and proven to work.