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OK guys.....I can settle this....:
YES, the Swap Magic discs DO stop spinning totally when it is time to swap (so does a gameshark 1.7 and up). I have tested this hundreds of times by having my PS2 apart back in the old days (it is called the LH swap). Back then we used to play all the backups with the PS2 lids off! Then we would boot the Gameshark (1.0 thru 1.3 back then) then wait for it to stop spinning, swap the discs from the top, put the tray cover back on and press 'x'.
So, my point being that this is the same as having the cover off, except that there is a manufastured 'hole' for you to remove your disc through. And YES this will work fine, since it will have the same funcionability as the knife-trick (and the 72min TOC limit too). Of course, with the Swap Magic discs you won't even need DVD-rips, because booting DVDR is so easy.
All you should have to do is remove your old top, remove your tray assembly top, then install the new 'flip-top' lid.
Sounds like a good idea to me, IF and only IF you don't mind swapping discs. So it is not for EVERYONE, but a good idea indeed! I may be interested just because they plan on making these in different colors, which hasn't been offered before (except to JAP PS2's).
So, there you have it.............Hope this clears this up for you guys.

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