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Default Will these products let me play copied 360 games??


Blaster 360
Product Description:

The Xecuter Blaster360 is an external switching device when, once fitted, allows you to flash your DVD Firmware without ever having to open up your Xbox 360 case ever again. In the era of constant firmware updates (30+ so far) this is an absolutley essential tool saving both time and effort, making the firmware update process a walk in the park. A perfect ergonomic design maeans there is no soldering and no cutting of the external case - just plug 'n' go. You only ever have to open up your case once! No longer will you have to have your Xbox 360 in pieces all the time, no longer will you have to take the Xbox apart every time you need to update new features and functions or essential bug fixes.

It was designed to be as ergonomically sound as the Xbox 360 itself. Its functionally perfect and works so good that Team Xecuter believes all firmware modders will be using this as standard by the end of the year, it just makes life SO MUCH EASIER !

Imagine using this along with the X360 USB - Firmware modding has never been so simple !

X360 USB

Product Description:
This little device from Team Xecuter is called the X360USB. It is the most innovative product to come out thusfar for the Xbox 360. The boundaries are being pushed and Team Xecuter is the company pushing them! This device lets you plug ANY SATA hard drive or DVD drive into your USB 2.0 Port, allowing plug and play access for backing up everything from Xbox 360 Game Saves to media files on your PC.

Even better than backing up your hard drive is the new feature that allows you to read and write your DVD drives firmware. You can keep your drive up to date and maximize your performance with ease and simplicity. You no longer will need to deal with the frustrations of disassembling your case and getting dusty.
The X360USB is also the most portable device yet for the console, allowing you to power your drives without using the Xbox 360. (The DVD drive requires the Xbox 360 Connectivity Kit V2, which is included.)
Other amazing features include compatibility with non SATA computers. Now you can purchase an SATA drive and plug and play it through your USB port. Bright LED's keep you up to date with your connections, activity, and power.
The X360USB also includes a high quality USB and SATA cable!!!

also with the usb thing can you hook up any Hard Drive to your 360?? i used to have a modded psone and ps2..but im thouroughly confused on the modchip status of XBOX360's, so any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance