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Talking How to Convert GoPro HD Files to FCP on Mac

How to Convert GoPro HD Files to FCP on Mac

GoPro is very popular around the world, many people like it. It is the world's first true 1080P HD and best selling wearable camera which includes Helmet hero, motorsports hero, Surf hero, Hero Naked and Hero 960. Since GoPro HD hero series camera generate high quality action image, people always use it to capture and share their exciting images of outdoor activity.

However GoPro series camera saves video as Windows-Mac-compatible MPEG(MP4.H.264 compression) format which is not supported by Final Cut Pro, so if people want to make some edit works with their motion videos, they will find that videos captured with GoPro cannot imported into FCP. Then how can we edit GoPro MP4 videos with FCP? Is there any way to solve that problem with ease? I would say absolutely, it is not hard to edit GoPro videos with FCP. All people needed is a GoPro HD to FCP Converter, with the help of GoPro HD to FCP Converter people can convert GoPro MP4 files to FCP compatible MOV format, then people can transfer the GOPro files into FCP for editing.

FCP is a powerful video editor on Mac, and it is totally free for Mac users, so many people like to use it. Beside FCP, there is another powerful video editing software, that is FCE, both of these two editors are powerful and convenient. But the FCP also don't accept GoPro MP4 files, so before editing MP4 files with FCE, people also need to convert GoPro MP4 to FCE.

And this GoPro HD to FCP Converter is not only suitable for FCP, it is also can used to convert videos to FCE. Just convert GoPro MP4 to MOV, after then files captured with GoPro can be imported into FCP or FCE for editing. This GoPro HD to FCP Converter can preserve the original video quality and takes a short time to complete all converting jobs. On the other hand, it is also very easy to handle, just click your mouse few times, this GoPro HD to FCP Converter can do all works automatically.
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