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Originally Posted by cleocrazy
downloaded that program and it says it's and AMD 751 chipset, so i went to their site, and there are no IDE drivers for that set.

i think i may just call compaq.
Rotsa Ruck.
My new Compaq laptop had Vista. I dumped it for the pig it is. Now I have xp pro x64 and it runs like a scalded dog BUT I have NO sound drivers and NO graphics (other than generic vga) because, AS HP SAID - THIS IS A VISTA ONLY MACHINE. IT WAS DESIGNED THAT WAY AND NO OTHER OS WILL WORK PROPERLY.

Is it irony that Msoft was sued for insisting on blending their browser into their os - now they have found a way to 'blend everyone elses OUT'!!!

Will not even boot Linux - and a toaster will boot linux (practically).