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Unhappy Can Neo 2.2 cause problems with a laser

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have been given a PS2 (Version 5/6) with a (what I believe to be) Neo 2.2 mod fitted to try to fix.

This console is dead....when I turn it on there is [U]NO[/U] red standby light but when I hit reset the green power light is illuminated, the tray ejects fine (the blue light works).

The PS2 boots up to browser & when I try to browse a disc (original) it states there is 'NO DATA'. I have had the lid off & cleaned the laser & rails etc but still no joy! When I try again with a disc the disc spins very slightly then stops. A little bit more delving shows the laser is not even attempting to glow red for the reflection test (which I believe happens to tell the drive to spin or not).

Now I know this points to a useless laser (HD7) but is there anyway, before I order a replacement, that the modchip could have gone faulty. I am reassured the console was working fine & then not. Taking the Neo out wont be a problem as my mate just wants it working again.

I am new to all this so I appreciate your help.


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