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Default " ps2No Solder Mod...Big Probs...Need Help "

hi to all who look in,
ok here is the problem i have with no solder mod install,
i put the mod into ps2 but it wouldnt work - cd tray wouldnt open,
checked all connections but still tray would not open so...
i removed the mod and put ribbon cables back the way they were
when i switched ps2 back on the power light on reset switch seemed to be working ok but no blue light on eject button ! eject button did nothing
and the tv screen just stays black ( no sony boot up screen at all )
i mailed the place i got the mod from and explained what's happened
and i was told that the power on/reset ribbon cable may be damaged
so i have replaced this and also tried another power on/reset button switch
but ps2 still the same...power comes on but eject button dead
and blank screen !
if anyone has any ideas i would really appreciate some help here
as i am out of ideas.
thanks in advance
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